Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's seeeeee... Its been a few weeks and life is just a continuous go go go, not that I am complaining.... Currently listening to a little Jo Bros action to inspire me, well actually it just came up on my Pandora. Ummm side note, Kidz Bop came up on my Pandora. I am a bit ashamed.
Since last time I graced everyone with my blog I left off on V-day. Good day and night actually. Weekend after that went to Brad Paisley concert in the VIP Suites. yeah life was rough. I guess not all hook ups are lost. Thank you Chris!

Following a night of margs, cowboys, and country music I exposed Nicole to the world of WeHo and the Hollywood sign. It has been forever since I step foot into Fiesta Cantina, but it was good to be back. Those happy hour margs welcomed us with open arms. They even were rocking Miley and Glee. It was nice to be back.

My Nana turned 80 two weeks ago. 80, could you imagine? She keeps going and going. Not letting up. That is how I hope to be when I get to that age. Lots of the fam came into town and it was just a constant party. And I must I have an amazing crazy insane family!

And last but not least this past weekend, I celebrated the birth of a friend by taking the Jetta on 7 hour road trip up North. Bonding happened, FML was found, and lots was eaten. Mehhhhhh.

Alright that's all the pics for now... Life is one crazy ride, no? I am learning to sit down and just go... you never know who you will meet along the way :)

And let's leave with this verse, "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun." Ecclesiaste 1:9 False.... the beauty of God is the constant renewal in Him. Life is constantly changing, but he remains the same. Amen.

Have a fabulous dayyyyy!

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