Monday, March 29, 2010

A God thing....

Ahhhh... the beauty of change or maybe for some the not so beautiful sight of change... I am in the middle... Change is a coming that is for sure. For some it will be big for others it will be small, but it is inevitable... A few friends are making the move out of state in the next few weeks, some are just moving, and others are preparing themselves for a possible move. Change is something I have never been a big fan of, but it is something I am coming to enjoy because for me it means something new in the horizon. I will miss the past but excited for the future.
This weekend was the weekend of change or the feeling of a beginning of a big change. I had a weekend like this similar in July, where everything was just right but you knew in the next few months things were going to be completely different. As a friend once said, "It's a God thing". And it truly was. Amazing the way God orchestrates certain days and certain things to happen with certain people in it. This weekend it was filled with people that have come to touch my life more than I ever thought and that is how that one July weekend was. Although things have considerably changed since that July weekend and I am sure things will change from this March weekend, its not something you forget. You remember the good times. You remember times at the beach when you take 100 pictures until its just right, you remember the times at the drive-in, walking around the beach, happy hour, bakeries, windows down blaring Gaga or Beiber. Its those times of that you look back on when things change good or bad and you can smile or hopefully smile about it and laugh.
I shall miss and do miss those "it's a God thing" kind of times but look forward to the change that is coming.

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