Monday, January 25, 2010

Lost and found... duhhhh.

Its weird that I can sit down and write this blog no problem, but write my grad app paper seems utterly impossible. So I am back at it after a bit of a break. This new year brings a new blog with a new title more fitting to life at the current moment. Lost and found describes my journey of life at this particular time. I have realized there can be two meanings for this. The first and foremost is God’s relentless and unwavering pursuit of me. This past year I have gotten off that path I was following and lost my way. I lost sight of what was important me and forgot who I was. I never looked ahead instead I just looked down. Things happened, problems arose, people got hurt, and relationships were lost. It was not the greatest time of my life; it was definitely one of the hardest. It’s not the way I would have had wanted things to work out nor ever planned. But unfortunately it takes something like this to wake up and revaluate. And during this time of soul searching and rebuilding God restores you. He takes that hurt and pain you feel and caused others to feel and uses that as a way to learn, forgive, heal and move forward even when moving forward means letting go of the past. So God found me when I was lost. I am not saying the hurt has vanished or it’s easy but it truly all does get better in time. There still are times when I look back, regret, miss, and hurt for the time and people I’ve lost, but sometimes there is nothing that can be done to bring it back so you keep the good memories, let go of the bad, and wish the best. And when God places some amazing people in your life to support you and be your friend through it all it does make everything a bit better. God restores, He gives hope, He heals and never leaves you even when you leave Him. As it says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Its time for me to stop trying to plan my own life and rest in His plans for my life.
The second meaning of my new title is for my love of traveling. Like most people when you travel to a new place you inevitably get a bit lost. As an avid and frequent traveler I get lost a lot more often. In the beginning I would get frustrated but as I traveled more I began to love the times when I got lost because it added that much more to the adventure. Its another story I can look back on and laugh. You travel, you get lost, but you eventually always figure it out.
As Hannah has always said, “you always find your way back home”. And no the break did not change my love for Miley or any other ten year old interest.
Well those are my latest thoughts. And one last comment, Brett Favre is amazing regardless of his last interception. He is still better than any of the other NFL quarterbacks. <3 my # 4!
Must write paper, must write paper, must write paper oh and work….

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  1. Hey gurlfrayne!
    I'd be glad to look over your paper! We should do another do work at Coffee Bean or Panera day. Even though I'm done with my apps, I still have lots of writing to catch up on!